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In addition to finding you the best team of design professionals for your project, we also offer these services to help make your building project run smoothly from beginning to end:

Value Engineering

Blueprint Advisors’ value engineer analyzes your plans and specifications as they relate to your budget and proposes changes that will decrease the cost without compromising the integrity of the project. This assures money is well spent.

Home Maintenance Services

Taking care of a home is vital to keeping it in working order. If you’re interested in Home Maintenance Companies, Blueprint Advisors is happy to facilitate a relationship.

Building Science

Blueprint Advisors will analyze your plan and help you better understand the physical behavior of your house as a system. How do the specifications impact the efficiency, durability and comfort of your home? We can make recommendations and suggestions to offer a complete and efficient project.

Sub-contractor Referrals

If something goes wrong in your home and you need a professional immediately, Blueprint Advisors can connect you to highly qualified sub-contractors in a variety of categories.

Owners Representation

If you don’t have the time to manage your construction project, invoice and budget reviews, and timeline control, or would simply like a layer between the team and yourself, Blueprint Advisors offers Owners Reps who can handle a project, from start to finish.

Project Management

If your project doesn’t require a general contractor, but still has a lot of moving parts, a Project Manager can be a perfect fit. Blueprint Advisors can connect you with a skilled manager who can oversee work schedules and multiple subcontractors.

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