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At Blueprint Advisors, we know that if you begin your building or renovation project with the right design professionals, you’ll experience a smoother building process and avoid costly mistakes. We’ll clarify the budget, timeline, and aesthetics, and then match you with a team from our vetted, exceptional network of architects, contractors, designers, and landscape designers. You’ll finish with a home that fulfills your goals, your needs, and your vision.

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Plan better.

First, we learn everything we can about the specifics of your project. By planning early and securing the right team for your project, you set yourself up for success.

Build better.

When you have a proven, hand selected team at the start of a project, you’ll approach the building process with confidence, avoid uncertainty, and ensure a better outcome.


Happy Clients

We HIGHLY recommend Jon. We had no clue what we were going to do when our family needed new space (renovation, move or knock down and rebuild) or how to go about it. He helped us determine the scope of our project through introducing us to experienced contractors, architects and realtors who educated us on the vast options. Once well-informed and guided by his expertise, we opted to do a full house renovation down to the studs of our home. Jon helped to quarterback the entire renovation process. He helped us find and hire the appropriate experts for the job. He interfaced with our contractor, interior designer and architect. He sat in on every meeting and helped to drive the process so that each component was seamless. He was so attentive to our questions (small and large). Jon was always available to speak at all hours of the day. He was literally a life saver. It is worth the investment to use his services. Not to mention, he is a funny, personable guy who will show you so much care. He knows the ins and out of the industry and has amazing people whom he partners with. Do not hesitate to hire him. He is truly a treasure. People say renovating is a big headache. Working with Jon made it fun! Best of luck!

Dan and Alison Reiser, Needham

A home renovation… how fun! Sourcing the perfect “team” for my job in a sea of Yelp reviews… I got it!
Managing over fifty subcontractors and my family simultaneously… no problem!
Staying on time and under budget… I’m good at that!
Not. No. No… and Not!

Getting our hopes and visions from paper to execution was no small feat. Working within the confines of our existing home and the challenges of time, money and a global pandemic was daunting. Blueprint Advisors was the glue that held it all together. Jon is invaluable… bridging the gap between architect, builder and client. Jon is incredibly honest, kind, timely and professional. He was of great help in deciphering proposals and determining the “value” of our choices. He has worked with very discerning builders, so he is not afraid to have the difficult conversations when needed. Home projects are huge investments that will all inevitably have small headaches, but having Jon on board as an extra set of ears, eyes and experienced counsel will alleviate most of these for you as the client! We are beyond happy with the results.

Gretchen and Joe Siletto, Needham

Blueprint Advisors was a fantastic partner for our first home project: A master suite remodel.

As relatively new homeowners, we really valued Jon’s help in hiring a contractor and architect team that worked within our specific budget and tight timeframe.

Being able to discuss all the details and talk through the many options was invaluable. Thanks, Jon!

Stephen and Leah Caruso, Needham

Jon was very thorough in his approach to understanding our vision for our renovation.

He listened to every idea, offered suggestions, answered questions, sourced qualified contractors, and created a plan of action. We hit the ground running, with Jon helping to manage the process.

Without a doubt, Blueprint Advisors is invaluable to making a home renovation go smoothly.

James and Nina Bernson, Needham

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